Hiking & Backpacking

Our Trails are also great for day Hikes and Backpacking

MRT – Day Hikes

Pick you hike length – 3,6,9 miles?  It’s your adventure!

Length in Miles / KmDescription
2.5 / 4Clear Lake and end at Koosah Falls
4.5 / 7.3Beginning of MRT and end at Koosah Falls
6 / 9.6Waterfall Loop Trail to Tamolitch Blue Pool
7.5 / 12Clear Lake and end at Tamolitch Blue Pool
9.5 / 15.3Beginning of MRT and end at Tamolitch Blue Pool

MRT Backpacking

    26.5 Miles – 2 or 3 day backpacking trips

    2 Day – approx. 13 miles per day hiking

    3 day – approx. 8 miles per day 

    How it works – We leave your car at the lower trailhead* take you to the top and you hike back to your car.

    There are multiple places to camp along the way in both campgrounds and in the wilderness.

    Always remember to follow current Forrest Service rules on campfires and leave no trace behind!   

    *This trailhead has high visibility and low risk of vandalism – compared with other out of the way trailheads.

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